Kumar Ravendrasinh Thakor

RavKumar Ravendrasinh Thakor (born 1st October 1981) is a British entrepreneur, best known for his alliances and acquisitions. Thakor’s family heritage is of blue blood being a ‘Jhala Dynasty Rajput’ who have family ties and historical relations with Maharana Arvind Singh ji Mewar of Udaipur and has therefore given him the key attributes of becoming a well rooted, cultured, respectful and moral individual.

Over the past 15 years, Ravendrasinh Thakor joined The U.K. Conservative Party and began supporting 4 registered charity organisations across the globe, which Thakor is an active member of, having to travel to the various country’s attending seminars and congregations.

The experience in Thakor’s family business background has given Thakor an acute eye for new emerging markets and non-correlated asset investments. Thakor’s first successful business venture at the age of 25yrs was to launch a $5bn real estate merger & acquisition between The Indian Govt and one of the worlds largest real-estate freehold companies, Damac LLC from Dubai in 2007.

In 2009, due to his acuity in business ventures and client demand Thakor launched Anantam Wealth, to bring his network of global connections from the far-east, Europe and west, to be under one corporate brand.

Since Thakor is an active member of The Harborough Conservative Party since 2009, he stood as a candidate in the local elections of 2011 and won, then again for re-election in May 2015 and won his position from the support of residents in The Borough of Oadby & Wigston. Thakor is now an elected member and holds a position in Local Government Office as Councillor for the Oadby & Wigston Borough Council.

Early 2014, Thakor was made the General Secretary of the Sai Mian Mir Welfare Trust to head in the western hemisphere and initiate the Trust in the UK whereby he will be able to carry on the humanitarian and welfare works within all communities, as he has continued doing for over 20 years. Sai Mian Mir Welfare Trust U.K. was supported by the British people and was elected as ‘A Finalist in The 2016 British Indian Awards’.

In 2014, Ravendrasinh Thakor was officially made the special advisor for the Egyptian British Council, with the HQ in Mayfairs, Central London. The Honorary President of the Egyptian British Council is HRH Prince Mohamed Bin Nawaf Al Saud and Patron is Baron Lord Sheikh of Cornhill.

Even though by bloodline through history Ravendrasinh Thakor’s Grandfather and forefathers were Maharaja’s and Ravendrasinh is a Prince, he does not use his title and chooses to be among the people, as he believes he is no different.

In 2015, Ravendrasinh Thakor was elected by full council to be a Member of Oxford University Conservative Association. This being the oldest association for conservatives, inaugurated in 1924 with Ex-Prime Minister Sir John Major as Patron. Thakor’s latest venture was to support The U.K. Government in business to raise their infrastructure finance needs, north of £120bn, during the London Mayoral elections.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +44 7814 709648

Thakor’s other associated websites:  www.Select35.com.