Anantam Wealth U.K.
Anantam Wealth are strategic advisers to the wealth management industry.
Our personal associations include U.K. and E.U. Family Offices, Private Client Wealth Managers and Investment Banks.

Our experience in Wealth Management solutions allows our clients to position themselves and their products to meet market and regulatory development and change. Development and implementation of marketing strategies for retail investment products.

The design of asset allocation strategies to meet the investment management demands produced by regulatory changes such as TCF and RDR.

Global Infrastructure Projects
The company acquire Government Projects from various country’s allowing the development of Roads, Railways, Gas, Hydro, Solar, Electric Power Stations and so forth to be developed Globally.

Master-Planning Projects
In the U.K. alone we advise and consult on Township Planning and Master-planning projects as private consultants for our clients who are some of U.K’s largest developers. Our investment projects are the very best of development investments which are private and off-market in the U.K. and have a GDV value of no less than £5bn in todays market.

Global Trade and Industry
Anantam Wealth work closely with various Countries across the globe and incentivise our Private Clients to Invest and Trade into and around the Global markets. The segments the company advise and support for Manufacturers are in the Hosiery, Food, Beverage, Raw Material and Heavy Duty Machinery markets amongst most other projects.

Education in the U.K.
We have close relationships with key Central London University Institutions who provide first class education programmes from A’Level to Degree Level and further onto Post Graduation for our foreign national private students/clients. Support is given throughout the duration of the client’s application and there is always an officer of the company at hand to assist.